Last updated August 4, 2018

Empowering refugee women in the Austin, Texas community.

We've Got News!

Announcing: Ladies, Let's Talk.

Based on the success of our April pilot program of conversational English practice for women only, Ladies, Let's Talk will be a recurring class! LLT will launch in September 2018 under the guidance of our new LLT Program Director, Chichi Armstrong! Free. Pre-registration required.

Want to join us as a volunteer?

We are currently accepting applications for English-speaking women to join Ladies, Let's Talk. 

The only requirement is that you be English-fluent, and ready for fun and friendship with our newly-arrived neighbors!

You asked for more dinners . . .

We are so excited to announce another Hope & Sesame Dinner, and hope you will all mark your calendars to join us for A Taste of Syrian Cuisine on September 30. 


About Us

Our Mission

Hope & Sesame is a Texas non-profit* corporation dedicated to empowering recently resettled refugees through opportunities to integrate economically and socially into the Austin community. We foster independence, confidence, connection and optimism by providing a framework for our newest (and, often, most vulnerable) neighbors to use their impressive cooking skills to develop a sustainable source of income and achieve financial self-sufficiency.

*501(c)(3) status pending

Making Connections

We work to connect our Newcomers to the rest of the Austin community, and foster a two-way exchange of friendship and culture.

We also strive to connect to each other the many local people, organizations and businesses we've discovered who welcome and support our newest Austinites in a variety of different ways.

Our Chefs

So far, we have presented dinners prepared by Afghan and Syrian chefs, using their traditional, unwritten family recipes and techniques passed down from mothers to daughters. 

We hope to expand to other cuisines very soon!

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