Comments from our guests

The food was absolutely delicious!! That is the best squash I've ever had and would love a recipe on how to make it. The Ashak was also fabulous - I had seconds on both. 

You are a beautiful family and were wonderful hosts! We wish you the best of luck in the U.S. 

The whole event was perfect from start to finish - the food, decor, conversation. It was perfectly executed and y'all seemed like a bunch of pros - bravo!! Looking forward to the next dinner. 

It was wonderful to meet [Uliya and her family]. I am awed by their strength and perseverance. 

The accidental translators ended up being a highlight for me. I ended up speaking at length about the refugee experience with Tamian and learned a great deal . . .  I would love to attend any future "Taste of" dinners! 

The evening had an understated elegance that was so lovely. I thought talking about the family and how they ended up here was really important. To actually put faces with their story really stuck with me. I wish we had heard more from some of the children, but I imagine it was overwhelming enough as it was. I also loved how we could sit wherever we wanted and the translators were spread around. 

[Uliya and her children] are gracious, kind, friendly and appreciative. It was a true pleasure meeting them and wishing them success. 

Amazing food with a lot of variety. Something for everyone. 

We are so happy to welcome you. We hope you can make a nice life in the US. 

Extremely well done! Great venue, great food!! Compliments to the organizers!! 

Not just excellent. Authentic. Thank you so much for showing such warmth, and sharing such great food.

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